In 1994, Daniel Farrington, based in the US, founded Homeopet LLC with a desire to help pets and pet parents around the world achieve a natural path to good health. Daniel used his brother Thomas’s guidance and formulas to start the HomeoPet brand. Thomas is a conventional practicing vet who has used alternative and homeopathic medicines for almost 30 years as part of his everyday practice. HomeoPet medicines are targeted to provide support to the animals’ own natural healing system and bring relief without and known side effects.

Daniel worked tirelessly with his brother Thomas to offer pet lovers a line of product that is safe, drug-free, affordable, and an effective alternative to traditional veterinary drugs. HomeoPet offers something for each and every pet. Whether you have a dog, cat, horse, bird, rabbit, or another pet, you’ll find a natural and safe solution for their health concerns within their line of products available on Vetito veterinary pharmacy.