There are a lot of parasites that can make your dog miserable. The most common parasites you can find on dogs are fleas, ticks, and lice. These parasites can make their way into your home through an open window, a crack in the door, your pets, or you, without even knowing it. All these parasites can be really irritating and annoying for your dog. They cause itching, hair loss, general discomfort, which can lead to worms, deplete blood supply, and even diseases. Effitix is an over the counter topical solution used in the treatment of parasites found in dogs. It kills and repels all life stages of fleas and ticks. Effitix also kills and repels mosquitoes, repels flies, kills lice, and helps control sarcoptic mange. Effitix has a powerful formula that targets the nervous system of parasites causing paralysis and death. Effitix not only kills current infestations but also helps prevent future infestations. Effitix is quick and easy to apply, and also mess-free. Effitix provides one month of protection and starts working the minute it is applied. It is also waterproof, so you don’t need to worry about your pet getting wet when he’s out on adventures.