Parasites can make your pet’s life miserable. The most common parasites you can find on cats and dogs are fleas and ticks. Your cat or your dog picks up theses pests by playing in the backyard or other environments that are also frequented by infected animals. Once these parasites make their way into your home, they start to spread everywhere: carpets, floors, sofas, other pets… They can be really irritating and annoying for your cat and dog: they cause itching, hair loss, general discomfort, which can lead to worms, deplete blood supply, and even diseases. Knockout products help treat and control fleas and ticks around your home. Many fleas treatments are only effective against adult fleas, leaving flea larvae and eggs alive in the house. Knockout products take care of these parasites that hide in your house: in the carpets, rugs, drapes, upholstery, pet bedding, and floor cracks. Knockout products quickly kill both adult and pre-adult fleas (before they grow up to bite) and ticks. One treatment with this spray gives continuous flea protection for 120 days, without leaving an unpleasant odor or a sticky mess. Protect your home from reinfestation and flea buildup, and protect your pets and family from bites with Knockout products. Knockout E.S. Area Treatment, Knockout Room and Area Fogger and Knockout Area Treatment are all available on Vetito veterinary pharmacy.