Stomach ulcers in horses are caused by the overproduction of stomach acid; this causes pain and discomfort, damages to the lining of the stomach, poor appetite, loose stools, poor coat, poor performance, and even death. Stressful conditions such as travel, showing, training, racing, competition, barn routine changes, and stall confinement can give horses stomach ulcers. Ulcergard is the first and only proven non-prescription preventative treatment approved by the FDA for the prevention of stomach ulcers in horses. The active ingredient in Ulcergard, omeprazole, works by blocking the enzymes responsible for the production of stomach acid, resulting in enough acid to breakdown food for digestion but not the excess acid that causes ulcers. By suppressing stomach acid production, Ulcergard helps prevent stomach ulcers and the pain and discomfort that often accompanies them. Ulcergard is available in an easy-to-use, cinnamon-flavored oral paste that can be given daily for four weeks.