Your dog loves going out on walks, playing in the yard, or going to the park to play with other dogs. Let him go out on adventures without worrying about ticks and fleas. These parasites can make your dog’s life miserable. The most common parasites you can find on dogs are fleas, ticks, and lice. Your dog picks up theses pests by playing in the backyard or other environments that are also frequented by infected animals. Once these parasites make their way into your home, they start to spread everywhere: carpets, floors, sofas, other pets…They can be really irritating and annoying for your dog; they cause itching, hair loss, general discomfort, which can lead to worms, deplete blood supply, and even diseases. Parastar is a fast-acting, effective flea and tick preventative treatment for dogs, that also takes care of chewing lice. It’s a topical spot-on solution that contains a powerful parasiticide that targets the nervous system of parasites causing paralysis and death before they can spread disease or lay eggs. Parastar Plus for dogs even starts killing fleas and ticks in as little as five minutes. Parastar comes in easy-to-use, single-use applicators that help prevent infestations and protect your dog for a full 30 days. Parastar is waterproof, so your dog will still be protected even if he’s wet.