Your cat and dog’s skin is a good indicator of their overall health. The skin plays an important role in protecting the body from allergens and other harmful elements. The skin barrier has a natural balance of healthy skin bacterias and yeast. When your pet suffers from allergies, there is an imbalance of the skin's ecosystem, which causes abnormal levels of bacterias and yeast, leading to inflammation, irritation, and infections. Skin allergies are a result of an incorrect response of the immune system to food, parasites, and environmental substances. Excessive itching, biting or chewing of paws or other areas of skin, reddened skin, greasy or oily skin, dry or flaky skin, and bad odor, are all signs that your cat or dog has skin issues. Skin problems affect your pet's health and comfort but are also challenging for you to manage. The skin barrier needs to be protected and cared for: whether it be shampoo, mousse, spray, pads, gel, Douxo provides a variety of easy solutions specifically designed for your cat or dog ’s skincare needs, whatever your pet's skin issue might be.