Runny nose, fever, cough, fatigue, and lack of appetite, are a few of the symptoms caused by bovine respiratory disease. Bovine respiratory disease is a complex bacterial infection that affects the respiratory system in cattle. This disease can be caused by multiple infectious agents. Naxcel is a sterile injectable antibiotic powder prescribed for the treatment of bovine respiratory disease and foot rot. Footrot is an infection that causes swelling, heat, and inflammation between the toes of a cloven-hoofed animal (animal with a divided hoof or foot), resulting in severe lameness. Cattle get footrot when a wound located in the skin between the two claws, gets infected, usually by standing in manure and mud or walking through bogs. The damaged skin provides a doorway for bacteria to enter the tissue of the foot, allowing the infection to spread rapidly to the connective tissues, tendons, joints, and foot bones. Naxcel contains ceftiofur sodium, which reduces the body’s temperature and kills and prevents bacteria from multiplying by stoping their cell walls formation. It offers zero milk discard, so no need to worry about drug residues in the milk. Naxcel is also indicated for horse, sheep, goat, and swine respiratory disease, as well as urinary tract infections in dogs and early mortality in day-old chicks and turkey poults.