Lutalyse injection is a natural prostaglandin product prescribed for beef and dairy cattle, swine, and horses. It is indicated for heat synchronization, treatment of silent heat, and treatment of chronic endometritis in cattle. In swine, it is indicated for labor induction. It is also indicated for heat synchronization in mares. Lutalyse is an injectable solution of prostaglandin, a naturally occurring hormone approved for use in beef cattle in 1979. Prostaglandin is naturally produced by the uterus and terminates the normal cycle when a cow is not pregnant. This allows the cow to return to heat, ovulate, and start a new cycle. Prostaglandins help bring groups of animals into heat. When Lutalyse is used as part of a synchronized breeding program, it helps improve pregnancy rates, reduce cull rates and reduce time for heat detection, and supports more efficient use of labor. Lutalyse is entirely natural, which means it is safe to use and has no milk or meat withdrawal. Lutalyse is the most veterinarian recommended, and the most producer used prostaglandin in the market. Lutalyse is available on Vetito veterinary pharmacy as Lutalyse and Lutalyse HighCon.