Parasites can make your pet’s life miserable. The most common parasites you can find on dogs are fleas and ticks. Your dog picks up theses pests by playing in the backyard or other environments that are also frequented by infected animals. Once these parasites make their way into your home, they start to spread everywhere: carpets, floors, sofas, other pets…They can be really irritating and annoying for your dog: they cause itching, hair loss, general discomfort, which can lead to worms, deplete blood supply, and even diseases. Nexgard chewables for dogs are prescribed for the treatment and control of fleas and ticks. Nexgard kills adult fleas before they have a chance to lay eggs, which reduces the possibility of a flea infestation. It contains Afoxolaner, a brand new ectoparasiticide, a parasiticide that kills parasites that live on or in the skin or fur of your dog. Afoxolaner is quickly absorbed into your pet's bloodstream making his blood toxic to insects. When a flea or a tick feeds on your dog’s blood, Afoxolaner targets the nervous system of these parasites, causing paralysis and death. Nexgard is available on Vetito veterinary pharmacy in delicious beef-flavored soft chews that protect your dog from flea and tick infestations for a full 30 days. This FDA approved treatment is the number one choice for veterinarians. Nexgard is really easy to use: just give your dog one chew once a month.