Your dog loves going out on walks, playing in the yard, or going to the park to play with other dogs. This is where he or she can come in contact with ticks. Ticks spent most of their life off the host (animal) in nature, just waiting for their next meal. Ticks can’t jump or fall from trees, they just wait patiently for you, or your dog, to walk through tall grass, bushes, and brush. Then, they attach to your dog by inserting their mouthparts into your dog’s skin and start feeding. Ticks carry diseases and can transmit them to your dog but to you, as well. The most common diseases are: Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Lyme disease can cause arthritis and swelling of your dog’s joints, which can lead to painful lameness. Rocky Mountain spotted fever can cause fever, lameness, and other symptoms. Preventic is a tick prevention collar for dogs. It kills and detaches existing ticks. Preventic Tick Collar contains amitraz, an antiparasitic that works by paralyzing ticks’ mouthparts, which prevents them from attaching to your dog and feeding on him. Preventic provides 3 months of protection and starts working within 24 hours. It is waterproof, so your dog will still be protected even if he’s wet. This virtually odorless collar is available on Vetito veterinary pharmacy in 2 adjustable sizes: 18 inches for dogs up to 60 lbs and 25 inches for dogs over 60 lbs. Let your dog go out on adventures without worrying about ticks!